Re-tuning to the natural frequency of life restoring balance and health



The Forest Therapy Experience is a guided 3 hour mindful walk in nature read more

During the walk you will be invited to awaken your senses, to slow down, be present, and reconnect to the natural frequency and rhythm of your surroundings.
By the end of the walk you will feel refreshed, relaxed and connected to the beauty, simplicity and uniqueness of the natural world around you.


1 Day – Slow Day

A day to Slow Down, Reconnect to Nature through Forest Therapy, Learn about Clean Eating and Cultivate Self-Care. A day for take care of yourself and to retune to the restorative frequency of nature.

Digital Detox

2 days to disconnect from technology and reconnect to Nature. Practice Slowing Down, Deep nature connection and learn about Nutrition for Peak Performance. 2 Days to restore balance in your life.

  • Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and technology.
  • Learn how to connect consciously with nature through Forest Therapy and tools to support your ongoing practice.
  • Learn about how to tweak your eating habits for peak performance in your life.
  • Support yourself learning about conscious resting and how to restore balance and health in your life.

Restorative Nature Week

A 5 Day immersion in Nature to support yourself to slow down, restore and reconnect to your natural rhythm. A week to reflect and learn tools to regain balance in your life.


At Renature we believe that Nature is a key to health and wellbeing – We design our programs based on this premises and our life experience in nature and it’s restorative power.

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