Opening the doors to remembering
a real sense of belonging to life

Nature Connection Brought Me Back to Life

Every time I spend time in the forest, I step away feeling more alive, connected, present, inspired and with a real sense of belonging.”

After suffering a severe burnout in 2017, where I felt very scared for my mental health and cognitive abilities, Forest Therapy was the foundation for my recovery.

Spending time in the forest every day gently and surely brought me back to life. Slowing down and connecting to my body and senses, delighting in the infinite treasures the natural world offered me has been truly transformational and the golden key in my journey to health.

I am deeply grateful to this practice and to the forests all over the world that have had the kindness to hold and heal me.

Our passion is to inspire and cultivate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Geeta guides you on your journey into the heart of the forest, with humility, dedication, gentleness and care.

Do you long for a more meaningful connection with yourself, with others and with life?

The forest, nature connection practices, embodiment and clean eating can open the doors for authenticity, freedom, heart centered relationships and a real sense of belonging.

This is what Renature commits to offer you.

Reconnecting to the natural frequency of life with simplicity and integrity

Renature brings together 25 years of experience with nature connection, forest bathing, somatic practices, meditation, deep listening, conscious resting and heart coherence work.

Personal Experiences

We create tailor-made experiences for you, your family and friends, opening the doors to a more meaningful connection to yourself, to others and to the natural world.

Weaving together the different practices we offer, we create experiences that range from 3 hours to 5 days.

Forest Therapy Walks, Slow Days, Digital Detox days, Restorative Nature Retreats and Mentoring Journeys.

Our passion is to inspire and cultivate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Team Experiences

Innovative and transformational tailor-made experiences to bring connection, presence, coherence and enhanced performance to your team and your company.

In the forest and at the office.

Cultivating a healthy mind and emotional wellbeing at the heart of your team.

“Into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul.” – John Muir

Certified Trainings

Learn from a team of international trainers, teachers, guides and facilitators that will share with you the skills and tools you need to bring Forest Therapy and Nature Connection work into the world with confidence, authenticity and grace.

Restorative Retreats

Taking time for ourselves to rest, restore, and grow is the best gift we can offer our family, friends, and the world.

We offer carefully designed 3 to 7-day retreats to support your transformational journey to wholeness and health.

In Portugal and a little bit all over the world.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Retreats

Upcoming Trainings

Renature yourself

Special Projects

We partner with government organisations and institutions to design programs that cultivate nature connection and human sustainability.

Remembering and restoring our connection to the natural world, one heart at a time.

A little here, a little there…

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