We facilitate Forest Therapy Experiences, Forest Bathing walks and Sensory Immersions in nature that allow you to really slow down and be present. To yourself, to others and to the world around you.
We develop programs that enhance your team and take them to paths never tred on before. Sensory experiences in nature that allow you and your team to tap into truly new perspectives.
Renature is proud to be part of the Wellbeing Inspired by Nature global network. Offering a holistic approach to wellbeing in the workplace.


Reconnecting Human Beings to Nature

Our Purpose is to reconnect human beings to Nature so as to reestablish balance, health and wellbeing in their personal and professional life and inspire care for our planet valuing our natural heritage.

The Foundations of our Work

All the experiences and services we offer are based on six foundations
Nature Connection practices are simple ways of awakening our innate, empathetic and natural connections with Nature.
Forest Therapy or Forest Bathing are gentle guided walks that support the awakening of our senses, slowing us down and reconnecting our relationship with Nature.
Slowing Down is about recovering our innate rhythm allowing us to rebalance and restore our nervous system.
Embodiment is about bringing awareness to our body and the present moment, awakening our innate resources that support us to feel whole and healthy again.
Clean Eating is not only about eating real food that grows in Nature or avoiding processed foods. It is also about making healthy eating choices that promote the health of the body and the Planet.
Our Manifesto is about bringing our kids to gaze at the stars, its about being present, going slowly and taking pleasure in the simple moments in life.

Our Team

We work diligently to create the highest quality experiences for you and for your company.

Our Purpose

Renature's Purpose is to reconnect human beings to Nature so as to reestablish balance, health and wellbeing in their life and inspire care for our planet, valuing our natural heritage.

Our Vision

Renature's Vision is to be effective agents of reconnection. Bringing human beings back into a closer and more conscious connection with nature. For their own health and for the health of the planet.

Our Mission

Renature's Mission is to offer immersive experiences that invite us to rediscover the regenerative power of body and mind in nature.

Our Values

Authenticity in everything we do.
Promoting health through Salutogenesis practices. Inspire Awareness of self and the natural world. Foster Reciprocity and Kinship with Mother Earth.
Forest Therapy Walks
People Reconnected to Nature
Clean Eating Meals
Nature Connected Companies

Renature For Your Company

Enhance Your Team

Renature believes in the transforming power of Nature.

We provide five distinctive areas of enhancement with a wide range of paths that will bring back the skills and tools that mimic the long forgotten interactions with Nature.

For the Leaders who believe that being in contact with Nature can help teams become more aligned, attuned and balanced to face the challenges of the corporate world. As a one shot or a developmental program at Renature we know the nature of your business.

Now more than ever teams need to reconnect to each other and in a place that is not the office or in front of their screens. Bringing your teams into nature will yield new and unexpected results. Nature brings us closer to who we are. To our humanity.


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Renature Science

Evidence Based Work

Nature Connection Promotes Mental Health

A review of over 60 studies investigating the effects of Forest Bathing in adult depression and anxiety concluded that forest therapy is an emerging and effective intervention for decreasing adult’s depression levels.

Nature Connection Stimulates Creativity

In a four day immersion in nature study, where fifty-six hikers were disconnected from multimedia and technology, there was a 50% increase performance on a creativity, problem-solving task.

Forest Therapy Boosts Immune System Function

Several studies have shown that Forest Therapy walks support the immune system. Phhytoncides released by trees and breathed in by participants on a walk, boost the production of Natural Killer (NK) cells which are very important elements of our innate immune system.

Forest Therapy Restores Brain Function

A 2015 Stanford University study revealed that a brief nature experience, a 90-min walk in a natural setting yielding marked recoveries of the pre-frontal cortex area of the brain, revealing a pathway by which nature experience may improve mental well-being.

Evidence Based Work

At Renature we have created experiences and services based not only in science and evidence but also in our extensive field experience.

Here you can find the ABC regarding the importance of coming back to a more natural frequency with the help of our senses and how nature plays a vital role in all aspects of our life. From Aromatherapy, Attention Restoration Theory, Autonomous Nervous System, Awe, Biophilia and Productivity, Chromoterapy, Cognitive Enhancement, Creative Problem Solving, Creativity, Depression, Earthing, Natural Sounds and Stress Recovery, Vitality, Indoor plants and Productivity, Forest Therapy and Mental Health, the list is endless. Renature has an evidence based approach for real results.

Our offices are nature based. We have the sun, the sky and the stars as our ceilings and the trees as our walls. In Portugal, we work in 12 forests, woodlands and natural parks. Regardless of the weather you can reach us at info@renature.pt – +351 965 223 115 ; +351 968 520 480