Stopping is necessary

We live life always running around. This is a fact that does not surprise anyone. We run, always in a hurry, always without time. The only thing we still have time for is to complain about the lack of time. We want more hours on the watch, because those that the universe has given us are simply not enough. The problem – one of the many – of this modern and urban life that society has drawn us into, is that we are the ones suffering the consequences. Not time, nor the clock, they remain perfectly tuned. Running naturally like a river that embraces the sea.

The consequences of modern, urban, and, more than ever, digital life (which has exponentially increased the levels of acceleration of the pace in which we live), begin to become obvious and, increasingly, unavoidable. There is talk (much talk) of depression; Almost everyone has suffered already from at least one anxiety attack; terms, such as burnout, begin to gain ground. The perfect machine that is the human body starts to fail us. Not because it is not prepared for everything, but because it is not ready to live at a pace that is not its own. Like the one we are constantly submitting ourselves to.

Thus, it becomes obvious and urgent to stop to think. Stop so that firstly there is a reflection and then a reconnection with the natural rhythm of things. And this rhythm is that of Nature. The reality is that throughout history, humans have spent more than 99.99% of their time in a natural environment. The bodies have adapted to Nature in the course of millions of years of evolution, making man a being of Nature. That is why when we get in touch with Her, in a forest, in a park or in a garden, we feel relaxed. This is because the human body (and human genes) are made to adapt to Mother Nature. In it, humans finds a space where they feel at home. And this is probably one of the best and most efficient responses to the diseases of the 21st century: Nature as medicine; Nature as a space for reconnection; Nature for healing. Because if one day they told us that to stop was to die, today the world shouts to us that to stop, not only is not to die, it turns out to be vital to our survival.

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