Luis Valente

Bridge Maker

Luis Valente is the Bridge Maker at Renature, ensuring that the Forest is open for everyone and that it meets all kind of needs. From the individual, who wants to reconnect with Nature and immerse into a full sensory inner experience, to Business Leaders, who understand how re-engaging with Nature can help teams become more aligned, attuned and balanced to face the challenges of the corporate world.

Luis’s main role is to identify needs; match make and co-create state-of-the-art programs that help individuals and Corporations return to the natural frequency and cycles of life by returning to Nature. Both as a one shot or a developmental program, Luis will propose experiences through enhancements and paths that will bring back the long-forgotten skills and tools that mimic the long-forgotten interactions with Nature.

Luis speaks 4 languages fluently, having lived in East-Timor and worked in Portugal, USA, Spain and France in a total of more than 10 years abroad. He has worked in the health care industry almost two decades, in 4 countries, where he led and supported the launch of new health related products and services. His academic and professional background are focused in Management, Marketing, Sales and Communication along with a master’s degree earned in the United States with a Fulbright Scholarship. Above all, he believes in people, in the transforming power of Nature and how well they go together!

+351 968 520 480