Navanita Harris

Embodiment Advisor

Navanita Harris combines an Eastern and Western approach to the body and movement as meditation. From her own experience of healing and embodiment she shares a deep understanding of the wisdom of the body/mind and the healing power that comes from the spaciousness within. Scientists call it the inherent source of health in the cells and mystics call it many names such as life source, chi, prana and being.

As a child Navanita discovered meditation in movement, running with the animals, sprinting on the athletic track, dancing in the bush and becoming a Physical education and Creative Dance teacher. Exploring, experiencing and training in many techniques of meditation, dance and the body throughout the years she has developed a systematic and playful approach that she teaches and continues to evolve.

In 1994 she was involved in a major traffic accident in which both legs were broken in several places, the spine and some ribs fractured. The space experienced through being free from the body in a near death experience became an essential internal resource for her healing journey. Seeing her body from above, the choice to return back into it was to live love. Anchoring in the spaciousness and life source within, staying connected to the body, listening to its wisdom and guidance, letting go consciously of body/mind tension, having fun and being creative with what life offers were part of the many healing tools discovered and which Navanita now includes in her teaching.