Renature Creates Unique Experiences for You

For the individual who wants to return to Nature and experience all that it means to be back in a natural setting whilst making use of all of his senses.

3 Hours. 1 Day.
2 Days. 5 Days

We tailor experiences for you based on how much time you have available and want to dedicate to yourself. A 3 hour Forest Therapy Walk. A One Day Slow Day that includes a Forest Therapy walk, a Clean Eating Meal and an Embodiment Session in the afternoon. A 2 Day Digital Detox Program and a 5 Day Restorative Nature Week to dive deep into yourself, nature and take care of yourself, fully.

Renature Addresses Human Sustainability

Albert Einstein once said – No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it.

At Renature, by bringing human beings into relationship with nature, we aim to support a re-membering of our place in the web of beings on the planet and through this remembering to spark the enthusiasm and urgency to care for our planet and inspire creative solutions moving forward.