2 Days - Digital Detox

The Digital Detox is a two day program to unplug from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

2 days to disconnect from technology and reconnect to Nature, practice slowing down, deep nature connection and learn about Nutrition for Peak Performance. 2 Days to restore balance in your life.
– Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and technology.
– Learn how to connect consciously with nature through Forest Therapy and tools to support your ongoing practice.
– Learn about how to tweak your eating habits for peak performance in your life.
– Support yourself learning conscious resting practices. You will return home feeling renewed, re-tuned with nature and with a sense of your own natural rhythm; taking with you a set of tools and techniques that will support your ongoing journey into a clearer, more peaceful, more creative and focused life.
You will feel empowered to make positive changes in your life that will allow you to focus and actively direct your energy towards your goals.

Unplug for 2 days

Over the weekend, with the focus on Digital Detox, we seek to prioritize, enhance and refocus our connection to ourselves and to the natural world around us. All the elements of the program aim to support awareness, slowing down, health and wellbeing.

Nature Connection and Vitality

Each day will start with power walks and stretching classes as a morning ritual, followed by a nature connection practices like Forest Bathing or other supportive nature connection experiences. Mornings will be for connection and empowering bodies and minds.

Conscious Resting

Afternoons will be for relaxation practices and for learning how we can nourish ourselves better. Relaxation includes include Breathing, Embodiment and Conscious Resting practices, learning how to relax in a way that restores and renews and learning simple tools to take back with us to optimize our downtime.

Clean Eating and Nutrition for Peak Performance

For conscious nourishment, our health coach will offer a workshop on nutrition for peak performance where we will learn simple and easy ways to integrate health into our diet.
Bringing all the elements of the program together will be delicious, organic, plant based meals designed to offer a nutritious and balanced diet over the two days.

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november, 2023

“Sometimes you just have to unplug from everything to find yourself again”

Robin Zee