Forest Therapy Walk

The Forest Therapy Walk Experience is a guided 3 hour gentle and connecting walk in nature.

“During the walk you will be invited to awaken your senses, slow down, be present, and reconnect to the natural frequency and rhythm of your surroundings.

Inspired in the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, that literally means taking in the forest atmosphere with your senses, Forest Therapy or Forest Bathing as it is also known, is proven to restore both balance and health, and provide an outlet for the stresses of modern day life.

By the end of the walk you will feel refreshed, relaxed and connected to the beauty, simplicity and uniqueness of the natural world around you.”

Arriving and Introduction

Arriving at the place of the walk and receiving a brief introduction to this practice and what understand what it is exactly that the walk entails. Getting to know your companions for the walk.

A Journey into Sensory Awareness

The first part of the walk is a gentle journey into the awareness of our body supporting us to truly arrive in the present moment and awaken our senses. An invitation to slow down and meet the world from a place of awakened presence.

Connection and Relationship with Nature

As the walk unfolds we come into a closer connection with our surroundings through a series of invitations that open the possibility for relationship with the world around us.

Tea and Closing

The walk comes to an end when we all come together to share a tea made from a plant harvested from the forest. A time to gather and share stories.

Upcoming Events

february, 2024

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”

John Muir