5 Days - Restorative Nature Week

This 5 day program is designed to take you on a restorative journey that will support your body, mind and spirit to renew, restore and regain balance.

Set in the stunning Peneda Gerês National Park in Portugal, we will spend 5 days and nights slowing down and deepening our understanding and practice of rest and self-care. A 5 Day immersion in Nature to support yourself to slow down, restore and reconnect to your natural rhythm. A week to reflect and learn tools to regain balance in your life.

– Immersive Nature Connection and Forest Therapy to support reconnection to your natural rhythm and the world around you.
– Nourishing your body with healthy food and practical learning about Clean Eating Practices.
– Conscious Resting and Embodied Mindfulness Practices
– Reflection on habits in your life that can be adapted to support your ongoing journey to balance and health. Through a variety of different practices you will gain awareness about your individual needs for self-care and become empowered to make the changes in your life that will support your ongoing health and wellbeing. We will return home re-tuned with nature and with a sense of our own natural rhythm; taking with us a set of tools and techniques that will support our ongoing journey to a healthier, clearer, more tranquil and meaningful life.

Morning Walks and Yoga Practice

Each day starts with an invigorating walk or yoga practice to awaken our senses and energy within us; feeling the difference we can make within ourselves by energetically embracing the day. Being more aware enables us to feel into the world around us and better connect.

Forest Bathing and Nature Connection Practices

Through Forest Bathing and Nature Connection we use our senses, slow down and cultivate presence as a way to reconnect to nature and ourselves. By tuning into the frequency of the natural world we tap into it’s restorative potency and create conscious ways to regain balance, health and wellbeing in our life.

Meditation, Breathing, Conscious Resting, Silence and Reflection

Each day will include meditative, embodiment and breathing practices. These guided relaxation practices create a positive and nourishing internal environment that is the foundation for our body’s ability to self-regulate.

Delicious Organic Clean Eating Meals and Experiential Classes

There will be two experiential classes on Clean eating and restorative foods. You will learn how to source ingredients, prepare delicious meals and learn about their nutritional value.

Bringing all the elements of the program together will be delicious, organic, plant based meals designed to offer a nutritious and balanced diet over the five days.

One of the most stunning treasures of Portugal

Our retreat is set in the Parque Nacional Peneda-Gerês at Casa dos Bernardos

Set in the idyllic Village of Santa Isabel do Monte in Terras de Bouro, within the Peneda-Gerês National Park, Casa dos Bernardos is a traditional stone building that dates from 1483. Nestled at the head of a very fertile valley facing south, for centuries this was home to the Bernardine Friars that cultivated the surrounding lands for the Kingdom. It has since been restored and offers a comfortable stay. All the rooms enjoy a stunning view over the village and the valley with it’s lush green fields and century old oak woodlands. Today, the village is home to a mere 40 inhabitants, their way of life connects us to the rhythm of the land reminding us of the importance of slowing down and taking time to enjoy each moment. This is the ideal setting to simply be, rest and take time for yourself.

What Participants are Saying

When we allow ourselves the time to re-tune with nature, we begin to live more in harmony with ourselves and the natural world; we develop a sense of inner peace that is felt by those around us, and become aware that we are all connected.