Renature For Your Company

For the Leaders who believe that being in contact with Nature can help teams become more aligned, attuned and balanced to face the challenges of the corporate world. As a one shot or a developmental program at Renature we know the nature of your business.

Five Enchancements to Work With

At Renature we have developed 5 Enhancements that allow you and your team to improve and increase the quality, value and the extent of your work and productivity. We have been hearing, for too long, on how to make teams more productive, more creative, more efficient, etc forgetting about the qualities that are needed to achieve the results needed.

Twelve Paths to Achieve the Desired Result

To achieve a desired result a course of action has to be taken. At Renature we have created 12 different paths to help you and your team in achieving a specified Enhancement.

Renature paths are distinct experiences designed to enhance the qualities of your teams. Starting in a Clarity Meeting or a Forest Bathing, from a Coached Trekking and Reflective Watching or even a Circle of Wisdom. Whatever the path chosen it will be a unique, creative and unchartered way of revitalizing you and your team whilst achieving your objectives.

Reconnect with your Nature

Life as we know it today has drawn us away from the natural world and we are now, more than ever, confined to man made environments. We live our lives in artificial worlds exposed to massive digital cognitive and sensory stimulus. Renature is all about coming back to the natural frequency and cycles of life by returning to Nature. We help restore a much needed and missed inner balance, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with the help of our senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.

12 Paths that lead to 5 Enhancements

Walk About

Solo Walking for Creative Problem Solving

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