General Terms and Conditions

Renature is a brand of the company Mello Stilwell Lda, NIF: 515025,
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The General Terms and Conditions that follow and described below regulate and determine the relationship between Mello Stilwell Lda. and the customer.

In contracting the services offered (Nature Connection experiences, walks, weekend retreats, immersions and others) the customer takes upon himself the participation in the experience contracted, al the risks that it implies and agrees to and accepts the present conditions as specified in the section “Terms and Conditions”.
The general conditions described here can and will be complemented by specific conditions for different experiences. The specific conditions override and complement the General Conditions.

Responsibilities and Risks
The customer, in the quality of participant in the experience, program and/or activity considers that:
Acknowledges that outdoor activities and programs, in natural settings, imply risks that can result in various types of damage, personal or material to themselves or to a third party.
Acknowledges that those risks can not be eliminated without compromising the essential characteristics of the activity. These damages can result from different elements, namely, falls, exposure to very low and very high temperatures, attacks from animals, insect bites.
Is aware that the activities take place in areas that can have challenging access which in case of the occurrence of an accident, the time of arrival of the emergency services can be prolonged.
Acknowledges that the Mello Stilwell, Lda team members dwell for safety to diminish the risks associated with the experiences and programs developed by us but they can not control the factors that they can not predict.
Therefore, by enrolling and registering for an experience and/or event, the customer assumes before Mello Stilwell Lda the commitments that follow and for the legal effects due, agrees that:
I am aware of the program for this experience, the inherent risks of its nature and I voluntarily wish to participate;
I will respect and abide to all the rules, orientations, instructions for conduct and any and all types of recommendations that are given to be by Mello Stilwell Lda staff; for my own safety and for the safety of others (fellow participants or not) and for the setting where the activity takes place, be it in a natural public area or a private property.
I attest that I have the physical and psychological conditions that support the effort associated with this program. I do not have any cardiac, respiratory or other condition that limits my capacity in sports activities.
The company Mello Stilwell Lda and its staff do not take responsibility for any inappropriate behaviour from the participants during the experiences and events or for any damage caused to any third party (participants or not) or to the natural setting.

According to these terms, I renounce the payment of any monies for damage that result from my participation in this experience and/or event relative to Mello Stailwell, Lda.

The duration of the experiences and events is indicative and based on ideal circumstances. The duration can be reduced due to climate conditions that are beyond the capacity of Mello Stilwell, Lda. No rights are due because of the change of timings due to these circumstances. There is a 10 minute tolerance relative to the designated meeting point time so that all participants can arrive.

Model Release
Participants of experiences and/or events held by Mello Stilweel, Lda consent to their inclusion in official newsletters or other communication, photographic, visual & audio recordings of the experiences and/or events in the quality of participants.

All the experiences and/or events held and promoted by Mello Stilwell Lda. are covered by the insurance company Tranquilidade with the Insurance coverage: Inserir nº da apólice

Personal Liability Insurance: limit of …….. (inserir)

Civil Liability Insurance: inserir nº da apólice….

Xxxx Euros – Death or permanent damage by accident.

Xxxx Euros – Transport and Treatment expenses. Repatriation, health transport and repatriation because of accident.

For participants under the age of 14 years the monies due are reduced to the value of the burial. For people who do not have permanent residency in Portugal, teh “repatriation” coverage is excluded.

Reservation of Experiences and/or Events
The registration of the Experience and/or event held by Mello Stilwell is to be done through the registration form available in the company website or through the email
By registering for the event, the customer agrees to the payment of the totality of the services for which he/she registered.
After registration, you will receive a confirmation email from Mello Stilwell Lda confirming your place in the selected experience and/or event. Your place in the given experience and/or event is confirmed only after written confirmation from Gessca, Lda.
Payment for any experience and/or event held by Mello Stilwell Lda can be made by:

Paypal account
Eventbrite link to relative experience and/or event
Direct bank transfer to the account number IBAN given to you by Mello Stilwell in an email
For the issue of a receipt, Mello Stilwell Lda will request your fiscal number for issue of receipt.

For all 3 hour experiences and 1 day events payment is to be made in full at the time of registration
For all experiences and events that run over a day, payment of a deposit is due at time of registration and the full amount up to 7 days before the due day of start of the event through bank transfer.

Cancellations and Refunds
In the event of a cancellation, the customer will be notified by Mello Stilwell Lda as soon as it is possible. After teh cancellation you will alternative dates for participation or a total refund of all monies paid to date.

Mello Stilwell Lda reserves the right to cancel or modify experiences and/or events in the following situations:
Unfavorable climate conditions that render the activity non doable;
The minimum safety conditions are not complied with
Other conditions that render the activity non doable (fires, strong winds, fallen trees, etc.)

Force Majeure:
In the case of circumstances beyond normal control, such as war, civil or political unrest, actions and orders from the authorities, strikes, catastrophes, epidemics or other severe damages or highly unexpected factors Gessca Lda may cancel the experiences and/or events, and the amounts received to date will not be refunded.
In case of cancellation of reservations by the customer, the total refund of monies will depend on the following conditions:

3 Hour Experiences – Total refund when the cancellation is made 72 hours prior to the date of the activity.
1 Day Events – Total refund when the cancellation is made 7 days prior to the date of the activity.
2 Day and 5 Day events – Total refund when cancellation is made 2 weeks before the date of the activity.

Contact, Suggestions and Claims
For information, to make a suggestion or for any type of compliment or complaint, please contact us at

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