Clean eating is about eating real food that grows in nature and staying away from chemicalized junk food. Clean eating is also about making healthy eating easy.

There are no dogmas or dietary restrictions. There are no lists of good and bad foods, instead it is about nutritional awareness and nutritional density.

The reality is that nobody wants to live after a strict diet and nobody really does. Everyone’s sneaking around on their diets, so why force yourself to pick one way of eating when there are so many nutrient-rich foods available?

Eating like this does not mean that it will be boring and tasteless. Thanks to high quality produce even the simplest recipe can be tasty and colourful. When you choose to eat clean it means that you care more about quality than quantity and that you are restrictive with food that you know can be damaging to you.

During the Renature events, we are suggesting a predominantly plant-based diet and the meals are gluten and sugar free. We do not use mainstream dairy products, but in some of the meals we will use high quality goats and sheep cheese and yogurt. Eggs are free range and the small amount of fish and meat that we suggest are sources from local or high quality farmers.


Scientific research shows that what we eat directly affects how you think, feel, look and act. What we put on our fork have a great impact on our well-being, not just on a cellular level but on a whole life level. It determines how we feel, and how much energy we have, either limiting or contributing to how strong and capable we are to meet daily challenges.

Depending on what we choose to eat, we will give a certain information to our body. This information will become part of us, of our body and mind and it effects our thoughts and emotions.

If we want to be at our best and achieve high performance, taking care in our food choices is important. To perform better, in any given area of life, as an athlete, as a mother, or as a business man, we can use the food as a tool to tune into clarity, energy and creativity.

If your focus is spiritual development, you will probably thrive on a light plant based diet. If you are a business man building and expanding your business, your food may need to include other elements that adds a different more aggressive energy. If you are a breastfeeding mother, you may need to introduce foods that are strengthening and grounding.


It is comon to say that we are what we eat, but it would be more correct to say that our body, mind and emoticons are directly connected to what we eat, digest, think and do.

If you are feeling stressed and unable to focus well, cleaning up your diet will help you. If you experience mood swings and many ups and downs in energy during the day, constantly looking for a fix of sugar or coffee to keep you going, cleaning up your diet and body will balance you out.

General guidlines to gain more focus and to strenghten a stressed out body and tired and blurry mind are to follow an alkaline diet, eat anti-inflamatory foods, add in more good fats and supplement with minerals and vitamins that may be low or missing and to start recovering your gut. Healthy fats are essential for your brain and minerals key to keep your body´s ph balance. A balanced gutflora is essential for good mental health and focus. Your gut is more than your second brain, new research argue that maybe it is even “the first brain” – meaning that the state of you gut will directly decide how your brain functions.

In renatures programs we make sure that the food that we serve follows these guidelines.

Examples of food that will support your brain and focus are:

  • – Food rich in ómega fatty acids; linseeds, hempseeds, marinephytoplankton, krill oil, fresh water fatty fish, organic grass fed meat
  • – Food with high mineral content; Kale and other leafy greens, pseudo cereals like amaranth, quinoa and Millet, BUckwheat, Sprouts, Walnuts, and algae.
  • – Functional Foods; sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir.
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