Embodiment Mindfulness is about bringing awareness to the body and the present moment as a strategy to shift thought patterns that take us into the future or into the past.

It is about being mindful and being present to your experience in this moment without judgement. This is a skill that can be integrated into your daily life to support awareness, focus and vitality.

When we are thinking we experience verbal and visual thoughts, we go through stories and narrations in our mind and we go through a constant flow of evaluations and judgements, of the world around us, people and of ourselves. It is as if we are locked up in a little box going round and round like a mouse on a treadmill.

Through the practice of embodied mindfulness, through the awareness of our senses and sensations, interoceptive awareness, exteroceptive senses as well as proprioception we become available to ourselves and our needs in the present moment. This awareness supports the self regulation of the nervous system by engaging our parasympathetic nervous system responsible for our rest and digest processes. This contrasts with the sympathetic nervous system that is engaged as our Fight – Flight Response and is responsible for high levels of cortisol and the well known “stress”.

Through the practice of Embodiment mindfulness we can learn how to step into Conscious Resting. Rather than throwing ourselves on a sofa after a hard day at work to zoom out to watch a movie or to aimlessly scroll up and down the screens on our gadgets, through awareness of our body in the moment we can step into an active role supporting our body to restore and renew.

“For real human beings, the only realism is an embodied realism.”


George Lakoff

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