Remembering the Forgotten Intelligence of the Body


   Relaxed Presence

Our body is present 24 hours a day from our first to our last breath, however, we live in a culture that mostly validates our cognitive perception of the world. Imagining our body is like a house, it is as if we live our lives only on the “top floor”.


Embodied Presence will guide you and your team to tap into the innate intelligence and capabilities of your full body providing tools to access it as an anchor and vehicle for presence anytime.


Yielding, leaning, pushing, pulling, reaching, grabbing and yawning are innate movement patterns to be rediscovered consciously.


Being able to access a state of presence is an asset that has been the secret of many far eastern cultures and the backbone of any martial arts practice. Ninja bodyfulness for you and your team. From head to toes!


Duration: Up to 3 hours with possibility of clean eating lunch
Location: Nature Based | Office & Home Based – Live | Web Based – Recorded
Participants: 30 per facilitator

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