From Survival to Revival


   Stirring Inspirations

Stress, the killer within or that good feeling that propels you forward?


This truly unique inspirational conversation aims to support understanding of our ancestral in-built survival mechanism and how it can make us or break us whilst we are on the run, literally.


When alertness, so crucial to our performance, becomes debilitating we can teach our brains to cope and live with the hardships of modern corporate life. Stress and high cortisol levels are not going to disappear so how can we make the most of it?


By identifying the underlying causes of stress and how to stray away from them we can consciously activate our “be at ease mode” and use it to become better versions of ourselves.


Fight, Flight, Freeze or be at Ease is all about taming the killer. Stress.


Duration: 1 hour
Location: Nature based | Office Based | Digital Based
Participants: Infinite

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