The Untapped Source of Health


   Stirring Inspirations

Think about this: the iphone is 13 years young and we have emerged, evolved and thrived in nature over millions and millions (and millions) of years without it. Besides that, our biology is hardwired for nature and that is the sole reason why being there simply feels soooo good. Remember?


In this inspirational talk we will take a look at our relation, as humans, with mother nature, tap in to the discoveries and attributes of living surrounded by trees, and birds and colorful butterflies.


From Hipocrates to Central Park, Geeta will peek into some of the most recent discoveries of how being in contact with nature is so crucial for human health and our survival as a species.


Everyone can become more healthy and productive by simply being in nature. Without an iphone though, sorry.


Duration: 1 hour
Location: Nature based | Office Based | Digital Based
Participants: Infinite

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