Our offices are nature based. We have the sun, the sky and the stars as our ceilings and the trees as our walls. In Portugal, we work in 12 forests, woodlands and natural parks. Regardless of the weather you can find us in a forest near you.

Sintra-Cascais Natural Park

Renature Headquarters and our favorite forest
Sintra is a place with something for everyone who loves nature since nature is all around you all the time. Full of magic and mystery, where Nature and Man have fused in such a perfect symbiosis that UNESCO has granted it Word Heritage Site status.

Monsanto Forest Park

The back yard of the Capital
Monsanto Forest Park is a municipal protected forest in Lisbon, the largest green patch in the city, with almost 1000 ha (10 km2). It offers a well diversified tree-covered area to the Portuguese capital with hours of walks and retreat.

Mata Nacional do Buçaco

A large and majestic forest
Buçaco is a genuine botanical garden, together with the numerous lakes and crosses, where roughly 700 native and exotic species can be found in this place of wonder, all of them protected by a Papal Bull issued in the seventeenth century threatening with excommunication anyone damaging the trees.

Arrábida Natural Park

Overseeing the west coast all the way south
The Serra da Arrábida Natural Park covers an area of over 100 square kilometres and It was given protected status as a national park in 1976 to preserve its natural beauty, offering an exquisite biodiversity. It is is known for its steep hills and green shrubs. The trails are rarely busy and offer an excellent, tranquil and natural getaway from the noise of the nearby city of Lisbon.

Serra da Estrela Natural Park

The largest protected area in Portugal
The Serra da Estrela Natural Park is located in the central mountainous massif, in a high plateau that inclines towards the North-East, cut across by rivers and streams that have their source here such as the Mondego and Zêzere. The landscape is marked by rocky outcrops, boulders and crags and gives place to long, challenging strolls in nature.

Peneda-Gerês National Park

Beautiful to explore
The Peneda-Gerês National Park was created in 1971 due to its national and international scientific interest, with the aim to protect the soil, water, flora, fauna, and landscape, while preserving its value to the existent human and natural resources.

Serra do Caramulo

The perfect nature retreat
For the very best in clean and pure airs, and a sure remedy to any concept of stress, spend some time in Serra do Caramulo. So healthy are the surroundings, this region has long since been sought out as a cure for lung and breathing ailments. Caramulo one hosted the biggest sanatorium in Europe.

Serra da Lousã

Tranquility base
The Serra da Lousã provides a natural habitat for many deer, wild boars and roe deer, and also harbors many slate villages, where you’ll find a sense of tranquility that you probably never even dream existed. With many watercourses cut across the leafy glades, forming a series of riverside beaches that are perfect for relaxation.

Montesinho Natural Park

An intense rural atmosphere
Throughout the Park, one can hardly sense the presence of the granite houses, given the almost perfect harmony between man and nature. The Park’s landscape is characterized by gentle rolling hills and rounded rocky outcrops, complemented by valleys where rivers flow between poplars, alders, willows and large woodlands of black oak, chestnut trees and holm-oaks.

Serra da Malcata Nature Reserve

The home of the Iberian lynx
The Nature Reserve is located between the towns of Penamacor and Sabugal, in an area of low population density and abundant vegetation, in particular large areas of heather and genista, that scatter their scent into the air. Various water courses flow through the area such as the River Côa and Bazágueda and the Meimoa Stream, offering various riverside beaches that are ideal for leisure activities.

Vale do Guadiana Natural Park

Find your luck in a four-leaf clover
Located in the valley of the River Guadiana, it winds its way through narrow riverbanks dotted by age-old watermills, or sharp ravines covered in Mediterranean undergrowth, and offers magnificent landscape views. The northern border of the Park is a place of exceptional natural beauty, home to cereal crops and pastureland, this area preserves unique species of vegetation. One of the rarest is the four leaf clover that according to tradition will bring luck to anyone who finds it.


A private Nature Reserve on the shores of the Idanha a Nova Lake
Home to the world famous Boom Festival and Being Gathering. Boomland is a 160 hectare big private nature reserve within the Geoparque Naturtejo, nestled on the shores of the pristine Idanha a Nova lake and the Ponsul river it is a native holm oak biological system offering an incredible fauna and flora biodiversity. It is only a few kilometers away from Idanha a Velha, a roman town that is over 2,000 years old and the picturesque Monsanto that is considered the first village of Portugal.


Wild at Heart
Mother Nature has created a land full of natural beauty, ready to be explored, in the blue immensity of the Atlantic Ocean: the Azores and its 9 islands. Home to 4 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and endless stretches of breathtaking natural beauty. The pure, unspoiled landscapes of these islands attract visitors from far and wide, and with good reason.