Renature believes in the power of good partnerships that work together to bring good healing experiences to the world.

Wellbeing Inspired by Nature

Renature is a WIN Company and Consultant
Wellbeing Inspired by Nature is the leading company in offering a holistic approach to wellbeing in the workplace. we grow a steady and strong network of consultants all over the world in order to offer high quality programs to foster balance in people’s lives and their work environment by connecting them to nature.

Nature and Forest Therapy Association

Geeta Stilwell is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide and Trainer
The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs is the most experienced global leader in guide training, and promoting the development and practice of Forest Therapy. Geeta Stilwell founder of Renature is an ANFT certified Forest Therapy Guide and Trainer of Guides. Interested in becoming a Forest Therapy Guide and join a community of almost 2000 guides in over 60 countries? Check for upcoming trainings where Geeta Stilwell will be your trainer.

NOS Escola

Natural. Organico.Saudável
Founded in 2016, NOS Escola (Natural + Orgânico + Saudável) is a pioneer in training integral health agents in Brasil and Portugal. Having trained over 500 students. Geeta Stilwell is a proud teacher at NOS Escola and works in partnership with NOS Escola for the Clean Eating element of Renature’s work.

The Nature Talks

Reconnecting People and Planet
An anual online experiential gathering that brings together nature connection practitioners from different fields for an enriching conversation on how to bring this practice forward. Renature is a proud founding partner of The Nature Talks. All three founders share the same great desire to strengthen our global community of nature inspired humans. We feel deep in our hearts that humanity’s relationship with nature is fundamental to planetary wellbeing and that nature connection practices and practitioners are needed now more than ever.

Caramulo 2030

A History of Pioneers. A Future of Opportunity
Caramulo 2030 is a cutting edge project that is working towards an integrated plan for the regeneration and redevelopment of the village, based on sustainability values, the connection with and preservation of the environment, promoting community living and a healthy lifestyle.

Renature is a proud partner of Caramulo 2030 and will bring health practices through nature connection and forest bathing to this project.

Quiet Parks International

Renature is a partner of Quiet Parks International
Quiet Parks International is a non-profit committed to the preservation of quiet for the benefit of all life. Quiet Parks International was formerly known as the One Square Inch of Silence Foundation. Quiet Parks International recognizes the immediate need for identifying and protecting endangered locations because quiet places are quickly becoming extinct.