At Renature we have created experiences and services based not only in science and evidence but also in our extensive field experience. Over the past 40 years there has been extensive research in the field of nature connection and human health. Physical health and mental health. Now more than ever companies need to invest in the wellbeing of their teams. Healthy teams make healthy companies.

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing Enhances Creativity by 27%
In a 2020 study by Chia Pin et al, published in Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, participants of a 3 day Forest therapy workshop exhibited a 27% increase in performance creativity, an increase in positive emotions and a decrease in negative emotions. See full study HERE

Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy Improves Symptoms of Depression
In a 2015 study by Lee, I et al concluded that Forest Therapy is an emerging and effective intervention for decreasing adult’s depression levels. In 21 of the studies evaluated, symptoms of depression improved significantly aftre a Forest Therapy session. See full study HERE

Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy Reduces Anxiety
In a 2020 study by Yasuhiro Kotera et al published in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, revealed that in 20 different studies, all participants showed an improvement in their mental health and especially their levels of anxiety. See full study HERE

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing Reduces Stress
In a 2019 Systematic review and meta-analysis of 30 different studies that used salivary cortisol as a biomarker for stress, all 30 studies releived a marked decrease in cortisol levels after a Forest Bathing Session. See full study HERE

Nature Connection

Nature Connection Restores Attention and Focus by 57%
In a 2018 study published in the Environment and Behavior Journal, 565 Finnish participants were evaluated for the restorative effects of being in nature on their attention, creativity and stress levels. 57% showed attention restoration which in turn yielded 225 increase in creativity and 37% improvement in emotional wellbeing. See the full study HERE

Nature Supports Relaxation

15 minutes in nature improves relaxation by 80%
In a 2015 study by Kobayashi et al, 625 participants exposed to nature for 15 minutes showed an 80% increase in parasympathetic nervous system activity which is a marke of relaxation. The same participants exposed to a city environment for 15 minutes exhibited a 64% increase in sympathetic nervous system activity which is an indicator of stress and anxiety. See full study HERE

Circle of Wisdom

Listening circles enhance team awareness
In a 2018 study published in the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology where Listening Circles were evaluated as effective interventions that can benefit organizations, the results showed the practice decreases employees’ social anxiety, which allows them to engage in deeper introspection, as reflected by increased self-awareness resulting in a more positive overall attitude.

Nature Connection Boosts Creativity

4 days in nature resulted in 50% more creativity
In a stydy led by Dr. Robert Strayer, 56 hikers were disconnected from technology and tests were applied during the trip that showed a 50% increase in performance on a creativity, problem-solving task influenced by increased exposure to natural stimuli that are emotionally positive. See full study HERE

Being in Nature Increases Vitality

Vitality is key to Performance
In a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology analysis of different studies showed that being in a natural environment greatly improved the vitality and consequent performance of participants in the study. See full study HERE

Nature Connection Increases Resilience

Resilient Teams Make Resilient Companies
In an 2013 Ecopsychology study, 150 participants from an urban setting were exposed to time in nature and tested for the level of their nature connection and resilience. The results showed that the higher degree of nature connection is positively correlated with increase in resilience. See full study HERE