Renature is all about bringing Nature back into your life.

Life as we know it today has drawn us away from the natural world and we are now, more than ever, confined to man made environments. We live our lives in artificial worlds exposed to massive digital cognitive and sensory stimulus.

Our Innate Connection to Nature is Severed. Compromised

Renature is all about coming back to the natural frequency and cycles of life by returning to Nature. We help restore a much needed and missed inner balance, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with the help of our senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.

Renature. Reconnect With Your Nature

If you are an individual or working for a corporation we, at Renature, can offer you the experiences, enhancements and paths to reconnect with Nature.

Renature Believes in the Transformative Power of Nature

“Recent scientific research strongly suggests that returning to nature and its rhythms supports human beings to self-regulate allowing for the nervous system to find balance and restore itself.

The foundations of our work are three: Forest Therapy as a way to slow down and reconnect with Nature; Embodiment as an awareness practice that offers tools and resources for wholeness and presence; and Clean Eating as a way to a more natural and effective nourishment.”

Nature Connection practices are simple ways of awakening our innate, empathetic and natural connections with Nature.
Forest Therapy or Forest Bathing are gentle guided walks that support the awakening of our senses, slowing us down and reconnecting our relationship with Nature.
Slowing Down is about recovering our innate rhythm allowing us to rebalance and restore our nervous system.
Embodiment is about bringing awareness to our body and the present moment, awakening our innate resources that support us to feel whole and healthy again.
Clean Eating is not only about eating real food that grows in Nature or avoiding processed foods. It is also about making healthy eating choices that promote the health of the body and the Planet.
Our Manifesto is about bringing our kids to gaze at the stars, its about being present, going slowly and taking pleasure in the simple moments in life.

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