Embodiment is about bringing awareness to the body and the present moment. It is about recovering wholeness and health.

It is about getting to know ourselves through the language of breath, movement and sensation. This is radically different to the way we think of ourselves. This practice allows us to become conscious of what we are sensing about ourselves and the environment around us in every moment. Embodiment allows us to consciously reconnect to the innate resources we carry in our body. Embodiment orients us to the present moment.

Embodiment Supports Vitality

Embodiment is about being bodyfull and present to our experience in every moment. Through embodiment we remember how to listen to the needs of our body in each moment. It is a tool that can be re-integrated into our daily life to support awareness, authenticity and vitality.

Embodiment Reverses Rumination

In our thinking process, we experience verbal and visual thoughts, we go through stories and narrations in our mind and a constant flow of evaluations and judgements of the world around us, people and of ourselves. The well known process of rumination. Embodiment allows us to become aware of these processes and create resilience in our bodies to have a more authentic response to life.

Embodiment Cultivates Awareness

Through the practice of embodiment we cultivate the awareness of our senses and sensations: interoceptive, exteroceptive as well as proprioceptive; we become present to ourselves and our needs in each moment. We become able to respond to our environment in a way that is nourishing and supportive to us.

Parasympathetic Over Sympathetic Nervous System

Embodiment supports the self regulation of the nervous system by engaging our parasympathetic nervous system responsible for our rest and digest processes. This contrasts with the sympathetic nervous system that is engaged as our Fight – Flight - Freeze response and is responsible for high levels of cortisol and the well known ``stress``.

An Embodied State of Being is a Natural State of Being

Returning to a Natural Sense of Being

Through Embodiment we are allowed to recover a natural state of being.

“For real human beings, the only realism is an embodied realism.”

George Lakoff