Special projects

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Geeta works with different organizations and programs to bring nature connection work and other tools to enhance the already existing programs. From government funded projects to professional athlete teams, we bring the best that we do to you.

Public Initiatives

Renature partners with public and government organizations to create tailor made programs in service of bringing nature connection work to populations that would otherwise not have access to this type of practice.

Nature connection work and more specifically, Forest bathing and Forest therapy can have very beneficial impacts on the communities and populations you work with.

Universities and Schools

From nature connection programs and experiences to inspirational talks and classes, Geeta thrives in bringing her life story and experience to university students.

Geeta weaves her past professional experience in the corporate world and her life journey of transformation and the tools she has gathered along the way to deliver a truly engaging and life-affirming experience for students.


Geeta and the Renature team work with tourism agencies and organizations to bring Forest Bathing and Nature connection experiences to their clients.

We work in natural parks and forests all over Portugal.

Special moments that bring joy and gratitude to our hearts

Special projects we are currently working with

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The Accessible Forest Project which is a European Community, Erasmus + funded initiative for adult education. It is a joint venture of 4 countries – Poland, Germany, Hungary and Portugal. Each country works with a different population to bring the practice of Forest Therapy, inspired by the ANFT Standard Sequence, to populations that would otherwise not have access to this opportunity of simply being in nature. In Portugal, Renature is working with underprivileged elderly people and with psychiatric patients from the Cascais Hospital.

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Geeta works with the Nova Skills Association from the Universidade Nova in Portugal. She is a guest speaker at the Leaders of Tomorrow Program offering a session on Self-Leadership and a facilitator in the Discover Yourself Program teaching tools for Self-Development.

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Geeta works in partnership with the Shambalah Yoga Retreats Centre in Sintra offering regular Forest Bathing walks to the attendees of the retreats.
Forest therapy and nature connection work is an incredible compliment to yoga and wellness retreats.

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Geeta is part of the faculty at NOS Escola where she facilitates a Forest Therapy experience and teaches about the health benefits of nature connection activities and how they are an integral part of any health and wellbeing program.

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Geeta is part of the Wize Collective Team where she offers Forest Therapy Sessions in the retreats and experiences created by this incredible project that brings together a team of world-class facilitators with complimentary practices to support your integral and holistic health and wellbeing.

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A Boomer since 2002 and a proud part of the Boom Festival Team since 2010, Geeta now works with the Boom Festival teams to share her passion for the values and ethos of the festival.

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Quiet Parks International is a non-profit committed to saving quiet for the benefit of all life. Geeta offers a variety of Quiet Experiences as part of the programs offered by the organization.

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