Experience:Somatic Movement Educator - Program Design Support


Our Purpose is to reconnect human beings to Nature so as to reestablish balance, health and wellbeing in their life and inspire care for our planet valuing our natural heritage.


Our Mission is to offer immersive experiences that invite us to rediscover the regenerative power of body and mind in nature.


Authenticity in everything we do
Promoting health through Salutogenesis practices
Inspire Awareness of self and the natural world
Walking in Reciprocity with Mother Earth


Get outside and take a moment for yourself

Get outside again and take another moment for yourself

Invite your friends

Take your Kids

Take a breath and see the beauty around you

Smell the freshness of the air

Delight yourself in the flutter of a butterfly

Listen to the soothing song of the birds

Take off your shoes and feel the earth under your feet

Gaze at the stars

Take a moon bath

Walk in a forest of tall trees

They have been here for a long time

Lean on a stone and rest

Lie in a meadow and watch the passing clouds

Be present

Life happens in each moment

Smile and Life will smile back at you

Go slowly

Take pleasure in the simple moments in life

Watch a sunset

Wake up with the rising sun and greet the day ahead

Be grateful for what you have

Share your smiles, the world is a better place with you in it

Believe in that

You are special

We are here to make a difference

Nature is our greatest teacher and it is here, unfolding in each moment

Know that you belong in this planet Earth

It is your Home

Care for it as you care for your loved ones – Get outside and connect with nature

It is strong and powerful and has many mysteries to whisper in your ear

We are here to live our dream

Dream with Nature in your heart.

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